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    Hey guys Kannan here hope you’re doing well. I appreciate that many folks have been asking me, Kannan, please give any Hamstring workout chart. So that’s why I’m writing this post. Here are the 10 Steps to build your Hamstring.

    Do you want to build your Hamstrings? | 10 Steps to Build your Hamstrings

    Train hamstrings 2-3x per week – This will give optimal frequency and volume for muscle gains and recovery.

    Apply progressive overload – Gaining strength in the form of weight, reps, or sets is the key to muscle growth.


    Calorie surplus – Eating 200-300 calories above maintenance should be sufficient for optimal muscle growth and minimize fat gain.

    Hip hinge movements – EMG data suggests hip hinge movements activate the hamstrings more than any other exercise, even squats, so make sure to prioritize this movement!

    Leg press foot position – It’s shown that a broad and high foot position increases hamstring activation, so try this for that extra gain.

    Vary your rep ranges – The hamstrings have a mixture of type 1, 2a, and 2b muscle fibers, so vary your rep ranges to recruit all fibers.

    Pre-activation – The hamstrings are often a muscle that can be hard to get firing, so a few sets of hamstring curls for 20-25 reps on a lightweight can help activate the hamstrings.

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    Utilize knee flexion movements – this will allow you to isolate the hamstrings and get that hypertrophy volume.

    Protein – 0.8-1g per lb of bodyweight should be sufficient for maximal protein synthesis to elicit muscle growth.

    Correct form deadlifting – If you avoid injury, you have a much better chance of increasing strength. It would help if you kept your back straight at all times, not using too much hyperextension at the top of the movement and squeezing your glutes.

    So I hope this post helps you. Take care of yourself.


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