Foods to Avoid & Best Supplements for Muscle growth in 2020


    Hey guys it’s Kannan How you doing hope you’re doing well, A lot of people ask me Kannan, Best supplements for Muscle growth and the other side people asking What foods to avoid If we are Skinny ? So this post is for that folks.

    Foods to Avoid If you are Skinny

    Caffeine its great in moderation but too much caffeine can actually detract you from gaining weight as it is an appetite suppressant.

    Vegetables are great. But again in moderation. If you are a skinny guy and loading up on vegetables every meal this will make you eat less. High fibre and volume is not your friend!

    Everyone says Low Carb is great. Despite what youve heard low carb sucks for the hardgainer. Not only will you not gain weight but your workouts will suck. You have one of the fastest metabolisms ever! You burn through carbs like wildfire Eat up.

    Intermittent Fasting, Fasting in general is your enemy. You should never go more than 2-3 hours without eating anything.

    I’ve done this before… It doesn’t work. When you are skinny you need a proper diet which takes you calories into consideration so you can establish a small surplus for an extended period of time. It you eat whatever you will end up skinny fat.

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    Cardio This is not to say don’t do anything active like walking, running etc. Just don’t overdo it. Cardio is taking big chunks of your daily calories so if you are doing tons of cardio it will be hard to gain weight.

    Foods to Avoid & Best Supplements for Muscle growth in 2020

    Best Supplements to Boost your Muscle Growth

    If you want to develop an aesthetic body you probably thought about a lot of supplements. But we can tell you that a lot of supplements out there are just there so that you buy them and they are not really helping you develop anything. So thera are a few supplements that actually work, this are my favorite supplements:


    Whey protein is a really good source to get your proteins in. You have 100% clean protein to support your bulk if you have eaten to less or to support your cut if your haven’t got enough protein in to protect your muscles.


    We already spoke about creatine a lot. This is the most well searched supplement and it helps you to get more muscle, to get stronger and directly look a little bit fuller.


    Beta alanine works similar like creatine, but it helps more for the endurence of the muscle. While your have more strength with creatine you will maby get one more rep with beta alanine. So also here you can train harder and throught this you will develop more muscle.

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    Omega 3 is essential for your body for health and also for muscle growth. It is not only very healthy, it will also help your body to produce testosterone.

    Thats all today’s post guys Thank you so musch. I wish you guys all the Best good health visit me on Instagram. Take care of yourselves Bye Bye…


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