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    Hey guys Kannan, here A lot of people ask me, Kannan Is it possible to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time?

    Build Muscle Lose Fat

    YOU CAN BUILD MUSCLE AND LOSE WEIGHT AT THE SAME TIME… Yes, you heard that’s right. Unfortunately, though it isn’t that simple, it’s called the Recomposition diet, and I’ll explain it now.

    Firstly, I’d like to mention a few other occasions when building muscle and losing weight may be possible. If you are new to the gym, you can gain significant muscle while in a calorie deficit due to newbie gains. If you also haven’t been training for a prolonged time, having trained previously will lead to muscle memory allowing you to respond more quickly to training stimulus and get you back to previous strength levels. If you are obese, it can also be possible, and in the first couple of weeks of a diet, it may be possible due to glycogen storage.

    Right, so the recomposition diet involves eating higher calories on workout days and lower calories on rest days. This allows you to gain muscle on training days and lose muscle on your rest days. I have included a structure of how this would work in the graphic.

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    Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

    I do not recommend this approach for everybody, though, as it requires significant patience as you won’t be able to lose 1-2lbs of muscle a week or gain 0.5lbs of muscle a week like a healthy cut/lean bulk program. If you want to maintain your current physique, this is a great way to see small improvements over time, for example, if you’re going to stay lean over summer or are just generally happy with your physique. If you are skinny weight person and don’t know whether to cut or bulk, it can be an option if you have PATIENCE. Patience is the key.

    That’s all today’s post, guys. Thank you so much. I wish you guys all the Best good health.


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