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    Hey Guys It’s Kannan Hope you doing well, Today want to share you about How to Rehab you Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

    Carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS is usually a chronic overuse condition that develops as your median nerve gets compressed within the carpal tunnel by the transverse carpal ligament or flexor tendons. this will cause numbness, tingling, weakness, pain, and even swelling into the thumb, index , and finger.

    Conservative management should be the amount one plan especially if the condition has persisted for fewer than 1 month. So how can we start to enhance the condition ?

    The number one thing is to spot and reduce the annoying activity this may provide the relative rest required to start out the healing process. While this is often happening we would like to extend your tissue’s tolerance to handle loads and movement.

    Common Wrist Flexors Massage

    First we begin with some symptom relief to assist you tolerate subsequent few exercises. Here we massage out the common wrist flexors as their tendon travel through the carpal tunnel.

    Median Nerve Flossing

    This is often to assist the median nerve move freely along its pathway with the carpal tunnel and may help reduce inflammation of the nerve. The key to the present exercises is to ‘feel nothing’. Stay within a variety of motion where your symptoms aren’t aggravated.

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    Kneeling Wrist Rock Backs

    This exercise may be a stretch for your wrist and finger flexors. Go within your tolerable range and slowly build it up weekly.

    Tendon Gliding

    These are harder than they look! We do that to enhance control of our finger flexors and help them “glide” within the carpal tunnel. Do them slowly and within your tolerance.

    That’s all Today’s Post guys. Thank you so much. I wish you all the best.


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