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    Hey Guys It’s Kannan Hope you doing well, A lot of people ask me on Instagram about Kannan While doing Barbell Squat what’s the right postion for the legs? Can we stand with Wider Stance (or) Narrow Stance ? So this post is for you Guys…

    Everybody knows that one little guy who squats many pounds ATG without really much trouble, maintaining an excellent neutral back love it ain’t even funny. On the opposite hand, tall people can’t even get to parallel without tilting their pelvis, (which isn’t necessarily a nasty thing but still..⁣

    Why so ?⁣

    Can we are saying Genetics? Yes. Short people have the advantage of getting shorter bones in this case short femurs which makes them perfectly fitting for squatting.⁣

    On the opposite hand, tall people with long femurs, aren’t really the simplest individuals for squats, but that can’t really be used as an excuse to not.

    ⁣Quite infact we will actually mimick these cues by simply widening the foot stance and reducing the instant arm of the hep knee distance in reference to the load . the image will make far more sense than words so swipe left to know what I’m talking about.⁣

    Anyway, the squat becomes very on the brink of what a shorter person would squat like, because once you see it from the side sagittal plane or maybe from the highest transverse plane, the broader angle of your knees will actually reduce the hip-to-femur length under the bar.⁣

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    It’s not love it actually cuts your femur in half, no, but from a physics and moment arm perspective, that’s basically what happens.

    And by “shortening” our femur, it means we’re actually emulating a brief person’a squat during a way, therefore making the leverage more advantageous for us to squat with:

    Placing the body during a position to make longer moment arms goes to direct more load thereon particular joint, as against shorter moment arms.

    While this may obviously not apply to each single one among us, it can still be something which will assist you squat safer & during a far more mechanical advantageous position.

    And before you guys start remarking the very fact that a wider stance features a less effect quad development, know that the research doesn’t support that claim: The Muscle Phd

    That’s all today’s post guys. Thank you so much. Don’t forget to follow me on InstagramBye…


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