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    Hey Guys It’s Kannan Hope you doing well, A Lot of my Clients and Friends asked me on Instagram about Kannan How to Build get Bigger arms ?. So this post is for you Folks..

    Research shows that working your arms 2-3x per week will promote hypertrophy. This successively will end in muscle growth and strength progression. Increase the load or number of reps over time to stay the load challenging.

    Include high reps in your routine. Train with sets of 20 reps to extend the blood flow into your arms and make metabolic stress, this may end in stimulating Muscle growth

    Squeeze the muscle throughout your reps to make sure the acceptable tension is applied and your mind to muscle connection. This includes controlling the negative (eccentric contraction). Leave your ego at the door, getting into quality reps is where the expansion is at!

    Target different muscle heads by incorporating various workout techniques in your routine. Your biceps are made from two heads (long head & short head) while your triceps are made from three (lateral, medial and long head).

    From this info, you’ll see how various techniques can assist you target each of those heads. this is often what is going to create the fully ’rounded’ aesthetic appearance in your arms.

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    Always make sure you have sufficient protein included in your diet, protein forms the building blocks for muscle repair and growth.

    That’s all Today’s Post guys. Thank you so much.


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