Utilize technology to Remain connected with friends and family | VP Venkaiah Naidu


    Advises individuals not to press on the’fear’ button but hit out to the’avoidance’ and’defence’ buttons

    Take extreme care of your own body, only then will your body aid you in fighting ailments – Vice President.

    Advises individuals not to get stressed, practice Yoga and embrace conventional treatments to boost immunity

    Utilize technology to Remain connected with friends and family – Vice President

    Asks people not to get carried off by magnificent News or the panic-inducing Social Networking articles

    Our Nation’s strength lies within our faith in spirituality and hope in science – Vice President.

    Reminds individuals of Lord Krishna information to Arjuna –‘keep doing everything you Want to do and do it.’


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    Utilize technology to Remain connected with friends and family | VP Venkaiah Naidu


    At a Facebook article today, the Vice President reported that the majority of the nations have finished the lockdowns and have begun focusing on the market. He explained that the Government is taking constant steps to provide a boost to the market and requested everybody to encourage the authorities by taking necessary precautions and adhering to the guidelines.

    He advised people not to press on the’fear’ button reach out to the’avoidance’ and’defence’ buttons.

    Maintaining this alternative to COVID-19 lies in precautions, Vice President recorded simple steps like the use of face masks, practising safe distancing and washing hands often as the only known methods for staying secure.

    In addition to these measures, he also suggested the utilization of conventional foods, medicinal and herbal plant preparations which have proven to be good immunity boosters.

    Speaking about the doubt and anxiety produced by the outbreak in existence for all, the Vice President advised the people not to get anxious. “A lot is dependent upon our thoughts… We should hunt for reducing our stress and allow it not get us” he informed.

    Asking individuals to remain connected with friends and family, he composed that technologies can help them appreciate the sense of togetherness and connectedness even if it’s virtually.

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    He requested individuals to spend free time in actions that may keep them fruitfully busy like music, fine arts, literature, cooking, learning new languages. We all need to discover concerning what is going to make us happy and chase it, Shri Naidu added.

    Cautioning the taxpayers not to have carried off by breathtaking information or the panic-inducing social networking articles, the Vice President asked them to create a mindset of accepting the fact and working hard to safeguard themselves and their own families.

    Quoting the religious Guru Sri Ravishankar, the Vice President stated that our real-life spouse is our own body. Therefore we have to take extreme care of our own body by eating the ideal type of food and from performing a bodily exercise to keep healthy. Only then will our own body aid us in fighting ailments, he added.

    The Vice President also opined that there couldn’t be a definitive or straightforward reply to the questions for example -‘Just how long does this limited and constricted lifestyle last and when will we go back to our usual way of life?’ We must probably live with the uncertainty of the length of the pandemic as well as the stress it’s triggered, he further added.

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    Noting the increasing amount of corona cases in large cities, the Vice President expressed controversy on the fact that a lot of these affected are beating the virus and just a small number of the affected population needs hospitalization.


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