What is E-Commerce Website ? Conversion, Sales, Secrets & Statistics


    What is E-Commerce ?

    Is very quite simply the purchases of products and/or services by the web so far over 40% of all Internet users have made a web purchase spending almost 1.5 trillion dollars a year in commerce is split into 4 categories

    business-to-consumer b2c is “What most of the people consider once they hear ecommerce remember once you bought that new t-shirt about Youtube from Snapdeal that was you participating in b2c e-commerce.

    consumer to consumer c2c is when goods are saw between consumers through internet marketplaces or online advertisements eBay and Gumtree are prime examples consume it to business

    c2b involves you as a consumer providing a product or service to a corporation for instance a blogger may review a particular product for a business and repealing goods or direct payments.

    business-to-business b2b where business is conducted between two companies an honest example of this market is both.

    What is E-Commerce Website ? Conversion, Sales, Secrets & Statistics

    E-Commerce Definition

    Electronic commerce, usually written as e-commerce, is that the mercantilism or facilitation of trading in product or services victimization pc networks, admire the web.

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    Electronic commerce attracts on technologies admire mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, provide chain management, net selling, on-line dealings process, electronic information interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automatic information assortment systems.

    Modern electronic commerce generally uses the globe Wide internet for a minimum of one a part of the transaction’s life cycle, though it’s going to additionally use alternative technologies admire e-mail.

    E-Commerce Businesses will use all of the following:

    • Online looking websites for retail sales direct to consumers;

    • Providing or collaborating in on-line marketplaces, that method third-party business-to-consumer or consumer-to-consumer sales;

    • Business-to-business shopping for and selling;

    • Gathering and victimization demographic information through internet contacts and social media;

    • Business-to-business electronic information interchange;

    • Online money exchanges for currency exchanges or mercantilism functions.

    Types of E-Commerce

    • Business-to-Business

    • Business-to-Consumer

    • Consumer-to-Consumer

    • Consumer-to-Business

    • Business-to-Administration

    • Consumer-to-Administration

    What is E-Commerce Website ? Conversion, Sales, Secrets & Statistics

    Advantages of E-Commerce

    • Advantages to Society Customers needn’t visit shop a product, thus less traffic on road and low pollution .

    • E-commerce helps in reducing the value of products, so less affluent people also can afford the products.

    • Much faster transactions available 24/7.

    • Products and services are easy to seek out .

    • Easier time managing a business.

    • Doesn’t require much (if at all) physical space.
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    • No geographical limitations translates as a much bigger customer reach. E-Commerce helps the one to settle on from a good range of online accessed products easily and obtain it delivered too; it helps you to access online.

    • Higher quality of services and lower operational costs.

    Biggest E-Commerce Companies


    amazon.com,.in, uk, jp.. is an American multinational technology company mainly focusing on E-Commerce & other technology products. According to Similar Web amazon was the 1st ranked E-Commerce website with more thar 2.51 Billion Visitor per month on each country sites. and an average users spending 7+ minutes on the site. Which also having 35.78% of bounce rate.


    eBay.com, in, uk, jp… is an American multinational E-Commerce corporation based in San Jose, the company’s target is consumer-to-consumer (C2C) & business-to-consumer (B2C) sales through its website. According to Similar Web Ebay was the 2nd ranked E-Commerce website around the world with 914.81M visitors per month. and an average users spending 7+ minutes on the site which also having 35.56% bounce rate.


    rakuten.com, uk, ca.. is a Japanese E-Commerce and retailing company based in Tokyo, founded by Hiroshi Mikitani.in 1997. According to Similar Web rakuten was an 3rd ranked E-Commerce website around the world with 564.30M visitors per month and a average users spending 6+ minutes on the site, which also having 37.42% bounce rate.

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    aliexpress.com is an online retail service based in China that offer products to international online buyers. Accordign to Similar Web aliexpress was the 4th ranked E-Commerce website with around the world with 446.03M visitors per month and a average users spending 6+ Minutes on the site, which also having 39.77 bounce rate.

    E-Commerce in USA

    The 2 biggest american E-Commerce gamers are amazon and ebay and 3rd,4th 5th it doesn’t matter. Because the 3rd walmart 4th X and 5th Y having only thousands of sales difference. But Amazon and ebay was playing a lead role on E-Commerce Industry. The intresting factor was USA was the number 1 in E-Commerce around the world.

    E-Commerce USA Statistics

    2018 the USA make a history of sales worth $517.36 billion, and the experts are expecting $740 billion retail sales in 2023.

    In 2019 USA makes again a huge history of sales 3.5 trillion dollars that’s worth more than a microsoft & apple.

    Top USA E-Commerce Sites

    Amazon Visit

    ebay Visit

    Walmart Visit

    Craigslist Visit

    Target Visit

    Etsy Visit

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