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    Hey Guys It’s Kannan Hope you doing well, Today I want to Share you about What actual speed Needs to Improve Muscle Growth..

    Honestly! All speeds are good for muscle growth. Which might be better ? Well, basically that depends on your training goals and private preferences. I can’t say what’s best for you. the foremost important thing to think about is what does one want from your training.

    Slower reps with lighter weight is more (inefficient) meaning you spend longer and specialise in the precise muscles during the lift. So bench pressing for chest hypertrophy, you’ll want to seek out how to reduce the contribution of the triceps and shoulders and favor the pecs for the pressing.

    Faster reps with heavier weight is more (efficient) meaning you’re trying to realize maximum productivity with minimum wasted energy from that specific muscles. thereupon being said, lessen the press (on the way) from assisted muscles isn’t the main target anymore. you would like that extra help. But do so with safety!

    For example: The bench press. With lower weight ready to ” You’ll target the pecs tons more because you’re able to control the load better and obtain an honest contraction from the pecs.

    With heavy weight you’re using the pecs and every one the opposite muscles more to assist move the bar. So pressing the bar with good speed along side an honest bar path using all muscle that contribute to the lift. in fact more muscle are going to be recruited here because the load is heavier which also plays an enormous role in Muscle growth.

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